Abilities Unlimited

F O L L O W - U P    C A R E

      In most cases you will be seen within two to four weeks following your final fitting. Children are often seen at three to six month intervals for growth adjustments and evaluations of the function and condition of the prosthesis or orthosis. If your condition warrants extended use of your prosthesis or orthosis you should be seen at least once a year to evaluate the fit, function and condition of your device. At any time, if the prosthesis or orthosis is causing any discomfort or you are unsure about the fit or function, you will be accommodated with an appointment as soon as possible.

      In most cases there is no charge for adjustments or repairs for six months following the final fitting of your prosthesis or orthosis. Replacement of the prosthesis or orthosis due to material or workmanship defects within the first six months after the final fitting and delivery will be done at no additional charge to the patient at the discretion of ABILITIES UNLIMITED. Any manufacturers warranties on components will be honored.

      The prosthesis or orthosis is designed to accommodate some fluctuation in anatomical change; however, large changes in weight or growth may require a new device be fabricated for you. If these conditions occur within the first six months following your final fitting, the “no charge” status may not apply.

      The prosthesis or orthosis is designed to provide you with the desired function to treat your condition. Care should be taken not to abuse or misuse your device. No one other than your practitioner or a technician under his supervision should attempt to make any adjustments or repair to the device.